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Firewall Policy Cleanup & Optimization

Over the years your firewalls have accumulated thousands of rules and objects, and many of these rules are now out-of-date or obsolete. Bloated rulesets not only add complexity to daily tasks such as change management, troubleshooting and auditing, they can also impact the performance of your firewall appliances, resulting in decreased hardware lifespan and increased TCO.

Safely removing rules, however, is not easy as it may cause application outages. And periodic rule recertification projects are time-consuming and complex – with multiple teams trying to understand why rules were created in the first place.

Optimize your security policy and eliminate clutter

AlgoSec allows you to effortlessly optimize your firewall policy and keep it clean and lean. Its actionable reports identify and help you remove the bloat and clutter from your policy, while AlgoSec’s automated change management processes ensure that new rules are optimally designed and implemented so that you don’t generate more clutter over time.

With AlgoSec you can:

The Business Impact: